Play Mat – Extra Large, Padded Foam, Foldable – 77 x 70 x 0.6 inches


SPACE TO PLAY AND LEARN – This even larger and thicker play mat clocks in at 77 by 70 inches, giving your little one plenty of space to crawl, play, practice tummy time or rest after they are tuckered out. There’s enough room for Mom, Dad, or a friend to join your child on this big play mat. It even has letters and numbers built in to its textured, tactile design! 

EASY CLEANUP – The soft foam mat is waterproof and prevents absorption, stains, and odors. Food, drool, and other messy moments won’t get stuck in seams like in puzzle piece mats. Designed by parents for parents, you’ll love its convenience as much as your baby loves playing on it. 

SAFE, SOFT PADDING – The extra thick 0.6-inch soft foam padding is non-toxic, BPA-free, Phthalate-free and odor-free, making this play mat perfect for your baby to crawl or your toddler to play on. The anti-slip material provides sure footing for testing those steps and a safe place for your bigger child to romp around.  

DOUBLE-SIDED DESIGNS & TACTILE LEARNING SURFACE – Our play mats feature original, unique illustration and art on both sides. With two colorful designs, your wee one will have double the fun as they begin exploring the great wide world. Help them feel for the tactile alphabet and math symbols on the surface and play games with the letters and numbers. 

TAKE IT ANYWHERE – Even though this is a larger size play mat, the accordion folding design makes for easy and compact storage. Plus, you can pack it up in the car and take this portable play mat to the beach, park, or anywhere that your baby wants to play. 

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