Extra Long Nap Mat for Toddlers & Kids


ALL IN ONE NAP MAT WITH ADJUSTABLE PILLOW HEIGHT – This longer 53” x 21” kids padded nap mat has a built-in name tag, easy close and carry, attached 30” wide blanket and adjustable pillow. Flip the pillow up or down depending on your child’s height! It’s everything you need for older toddlers at daycare, preschool, for travel or home. 

TRAVEL FRIENDLY – JumpOff Jo’s long nap mat for children can be rolled up and secured with hook & loop tape fasteners. There’s even a carry handle to make it that much easier to grab and go. 

COZY & COMFORTABLE – Designed with a longer padded base, soft minky-lined 45-inch-long blanket, and plush pillow, this toddler nap mat is so comfortable that you may be tempted to steal it for yourself. But you wouldn’t do that. Would you? 

EASY TO CLEAN – 100% Cotton outer with soft poly minky for the blanket lining. The pillow is removable, making it easy to wash this child’s nap mat. 

ORIGINAL DESIGN – Each of our nap mats come in an original design by our JumpOff Jo team. Unique images and illustrations are meant to inspire imagination and nap time stories, sending your little one off to the land of nod. 

SIZE: 53 inches x 21 inches, blanket size 45 x 30 inches. 

Choose a Design:

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