Metallic Self-Outline Pens – Set of 12 Assorted Colors


Nothing looks boring with these amazing double-line outline metallic markers. Bring some silver, glittery shine to your message when you create with these pens, whether a message board, a card, silver mirror marker, adult coloring book, bullet journal or craft project for teens.

  • Double the FUN! Watch how these self-outlined markers create a line in sparkly metallic silver surrounded by a colored border. You just draw and the pens create the outline automatically!
  • Kick your craft up a notch with these double outline markers! Also suitable for many surfaces, such as metal, pottery, wood, ceramic, glass, plastic, etc. Try them on dark or black surfaces to make a fully shiny metallic line!
  • Ready and Easy to Use – Keep the lid on each pen, hold upright and shake well to mix the ink. For the first time, gently press the tip down on a writable surface until it fills with ink. Once ink fills the pen tip, these pens are ready to use, and the ink dries quickly. Away you go. Re-cap pens after use and store in a horizontal position.
  • Smooth and fluid writing style for a variety of uses. – JumpOff Jo self-outline metallic markers can be used for school and scrapbook supplies, DIY crafts, artwork, birthday and greeting cards, posters and highlighting.Details
  • 12 color set
  • Non-toxic, Oil Based
  • For ages 6+
  • Pen Size: 13 cm x 1 cm
  • Pen Felt Tip 2mm
  • Box Size: 5.25 in x 5.25 in x .5 in
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