Lava Monster – Hot Lava Survival Game for Kids and Adults


Lava Monster – Hot Lava Survival Game for Kids and Adults – Physical & Educational • THE GAME – There are 2 types of players: Survivors and Lava Monsters. All players start as Survivors. When a Survivor steps in lava or on an erupting volcano, they become a Lava Monster! Lava Monsters pursue Survivors until only one remains!
• FLEE THE LAVA MONSTERS – Each time a Lava Monster steps on a dormant volcano, it erupts! As the game goes on, there are fewer dormant volcanoes for Survivors to flee to, increasing tension and excitement!
• 2 GAME MODES – The game consists of 25 double-sided Volcano Tiles, 60 Action Cards, and 30 Trivia Cards. The standard rules exclude Trivia Cards and are great for younger players. Once players are familiar with the game, add the Trivia Cards to heat things up with volcano and lava facts! Just don’t get them wrong, or you’ll become easy prey for Lava Monsters!
• ADJUSTABLE DIFFICULTY – Difficulty varies based on how far apart the Volcano Tiles are from each other. Place them close together on the floor for kiddos who are still practicing balance, agility, and coordination, or spread them far apart for more athletic (or ambitious) players.
• EDUCATIONAL & PHYSICAL – Kids burn energy as they jump and leap across the game area, developing their agility, balance, and coordination. With the Trivia Card rules, players learn fascinating volcano and lava facts, making it a great resource for parents, teachers, and schools.

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