Giant Kickball Set


EVERYTHING YOU NEED – This set includes everything you need for your next kickball game: 3 square foam bases, 1 home plate, 1 oversized kickball, a ball pump, and 2 ball pump needles. It even includes instructions for gameplay!
DURABLE OVERSIZED KICKBALL – A standard playground-sized kickball is 8 – 12″. We’re taking it up a notch with this giant kickball—it safely inflates up to 15” in diameter, without being so oversized that it might pop.
GREAT FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY – Bring it along to your next family outing! The extra-large kickball is great for young kids who may not be as experienced at kicking as their adult counterparts.
HEALTHY FUN – Fight back against constant exposure to screen-time by introducing your children to this classic playground game.
TAKE IT ANYWHERE – Whether you’re headed to the beach, the playground, a family reunion, or gym class, this kickball set is sure to elicit cheers of joy from all involved!

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