Jumbo Science Kit and Chemistry Set for Kids – 20 STEM Experiments (43 Pieces)


  • 20 incredible science experiments! – Kids will learn chemistry basics with some real-world visuals and context. For example, how does yeast work to make bread rise and how can you make a battery with a lemon?
  • Fun & Exciting Experiments – Each experiment results in impressive transformations, like glowing snow, making a battery with a lemon, growing crystals on a lollipop, color changing flowers and more. These visually exciting experiments engage kids’ curiosity and make them eager to explore science and chemistry!
  • Great Introduction to Stem –  This science kit is a great introduction to STEM and can be used to foster growth at home or in classrooms.
  • Science Facts Throughout – The easy-to-read instructions include fun “science secrets & facts” about energy transfer, light and color, acids and bases, and other types of chemical reactions.
  • This kit is great for visual and kinesthetic/tactile learners, and parents or teachers can read the instructions aloud to also help auditory learners!
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