Crib Mattress Protector – Soft Terry Cotton with Waterproof TPU Backing


BEST OF BOTH WORLDS – Our fitted crib & toddler bed mattress protector combines layers of highly absorbent, soft terry cotton with a waterproof TPU backing to provide double protection, preventing midnight accidents from soaking through to your baby’s crib mattress.
SOFT & QUIET – Our mattress cover is made from soft cotton and polyester, quietly providing great protection without disturbing your sleeping angel.
HYPOALLERGENIC – This non-toxic, protective mattress cover blocks common allergens such as dust mites, pollen, pet dander, fungus, bed bugs, and mold, making it ideal for babies with sensitivity.
SNUG FIT – Measuring 28 x 52 x 9 inches, our fitted mattress protector features a 9 inch elastic skirt to ensure a snug fit that won’t come off as your infant or toddler moves around.

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