Build Me Blanket Fort


INCLUDES 3 BLANKETS + 4 BEAN BAG WEIGHTS – Each blanket fort kit comes with all the supplies you’ll need, including 3 blankets (green, turquoise, & pink) measuring 72” x 54” each with built in ties, and 4 easily attachable bean bag weights.
ADJUSTABLE CONFIGURATIONS – Imagine a castle that could change shapes on the fly. Now imagine it’s made of blankets. The 3 blankets can be easily connected to each other using built-in nylon straps, so you can configure your children’s blanket fort to suit your space during playtime or a sleepover party.
DURABLE – When you build a blanket fort, you inevitably invite a blanket siege, and that puts your blankets in peril. Made from ripstop polyester with strong nylon ties, the Build Me blankets are tough enough to withstand your kiddos’ rough housing and games.
EASY SET UP & TAKE DOWN – The ripstop polyester is lightweight and the blue bean bag weights are attached with child friendly hook-and-loop touch fastener strips, making the blanket fort easy for your kids to set up themselves. Pack it up quick in our drawstring backpack!
EFFORTLESS CLEANING – Lint, pet hair, dust, and even sand do not stick to the blankets. Let your guard dog into the fortress or make a tent at the beach. Indoors or outdoors, they’re a breeze to clean.

Ages 3+

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